Vermont, USA


The site is the Lamoille River banks between the Johnson Municipal Building (293 Lower Main Street) and Jolley’s gas station/convenience store on Rt. 15 west of the municipal building.  In that area, the river bends and butts up against Rt. 15. Some debris along Hogback Road and in Holmes Meadow.

Volunteers can pick up bags and get assignments at the Municipal Building Point person is Beth Foy 802-730-2771. Full bags should be brought back to the dumpster located at the municipal building.

Safety is a top priority. Please use extreme caution when working around rivers and stay high on river banks. Thank you!

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  1. Lynda Siegel says:

    Interested in helping in Johnson. Is there a location to start?

    • Kate says:

      Hi Lynda
      I will be adding details to the website this evening. Thank you for your patience.
      Please check back
      Thank you for helping with this effort.

  2. Wendy Knight says:

    Good morning.
    Checking to see if there are any details for tomorrow’s Clean Up Day in Johnson.

    • Kate says:

      Hi Wendy
      Thanks for volunteering. Details were just added. Feel free to reach back out if you need anything else.
      Thanks for your service.

  3. Beth Foy says:

    Johnson 9am bag distribution from the Municipal Building.

    • Kate says:

      Beth, Thank you for being the point person tomorrow. There are about 25 volunteers signed up on the app.
      Enjoy and be safe cleaning in Johnson.

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