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Our Partners are doing great things for Vermont and the environment.

We are so thankful for the support of our corporate partners and are proud to share their environmental efforts.

Congratulations to Subaru for achieving 50 years in business. 

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Zero-sort recycling, organics, waste, and renewable energy.

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Greenbacker Capital

Sustainable energy investment strategy.

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The perfect resource for living, working, and playing here in Vermont. 

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A free community-building service that helps neighbors connect.

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Greenbacker Capital is a proud sponsor of Green Up Vermont. With Greenbacker’s commitment to advancing sustainable infrastructure, and our Technical Asset Management team based in Montpelier, Greenbacker and Green Up Vermont’s values are strongly aligned. A Greenbacker owned solar project, located at the Brattleboro Landfill, showcases our dedication to reducing waste and maximizing use of the land in which our sites operate. Through the electricity and revenue generated at the landfill, the Windham County Solid Waste Management District (WSWMD) was able to maximize the benefit of a brownfield site that is legally restricted from most other uses. The revenue generated has allowed the WSWMD to afford equipment to build out the second largest food composting operation in Vermont. The Brattleboro Landfill Project is estimated to have saved its subscribers across 18 towns in Vermont almost half a million dollars. As of 2020, the 5.7-megawatt solar array was Vermont’s largest net-metering project, offering subscribers the ability to participate in creating clean energy while saving on their power bills through credits received for power they add to the grid.


The new state-of-the-art de-packaging facility is designed to separate spoiled and contaminated food products from its packaging. The plant will use a mechanical process to separate food waste from packaging allowing for non-contaminated recycling and composting. The facility is designed to handle up to 100 million pounds of organic material annually and has already contracted with several in-state commercial food waste producers to accept their spoilage. The organic material will be shipped to a highefficiency anaerobic digester and converted to biogas and the packaging material will be recycled. Depending on the type of food waste received, the method of collection, and the packaging material, the food scraps may also be used as animal feed for local farms. The facility is expected to be operational before winter.

Darn Tough Vermont® 

…is committed to being a positive force in the community and
environmentally, which begins with durability. Making a more durable product is a hallmark of buying less and keeping textiles out of landfill, and it’s one of the best ways to minimize the usage of raw materials. During the pandemic they conducted their first greenhouse gas inventory to understand the carbon footprint of their products and operations. They identified nearly two dozen ways to reduce their footprint, and charged ahead with a series of social and community-related commitments. They fully believe success depends on the health of their community here in Vermont and the health of the environment.