Vermont, USA

Day: August 19, 2023


Details to come soon. This clean up will happen on Sept. 9. Please check back.


Details to come. This event will happen on Sept 9.

Marshfield – Schoolhouse Common

The focus of this clean up will be the fields along the river, on the Old Schoolhouse Common. Meet at the SchoolHouse Common on the morning of August 26. Pick up orange bags, gloves, and a collection receptacle. Dumpster will be on site for debris. Contact for event – Drew McNaughton, Please use safety precautions…
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Waterbury – Dac Rowe Pavillion

This is a beautification project. The mud and silt will need to be scrapped from the pavillion slab and then pressure washed. Other areas of need will be detailed on Saturday morning. Meet at the Pavillion at 10am on Saturday. Thank you.