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The Green Up Day Story

Green Up Vermont
Tradition With A History

Robert Babcock (pictured here right of center) then a Burlington Free Press reporter, comes to Governor Deane Davis with the idea of cleaning up Vermont’s roadsides. Governor Davis decides he needs a year to plan the event and appoints Ted Riehle (pictured here left of center) from his Senior Staff to organize the event.


The first Green Up Day is launched statewide by Governor Deane Davis on April 18, 1970. The Interstate Highways close from 9 to 12 for litter pick up by volunteers.


After almost a decade under the organization of the Governor’s office, due to dwindling participation of only 1,000 volunteers, the nonprofit organization Vermont Green Up Inc. is formed to promote participation in Green Up Day.


The Green Up Poster Art Design Contest is launched. Each year a winner is chosen and the artwork is used on the Green Up Day promotional poster.


After some serious economic instability in the early 1990’s, Board Chairman Sheldon Prentice is instrumental in securing a loan for Green Up Vermont.


Melinda Vieux, President, grows the organization significantly by adding Corporate Sponsors, for the first time, to GreenUp Vermont’s income stream.


Green Up staff Melinda Vieux and Melanie Phelps succeed in getting Green Up Vermont on the Vermont State Income Tax Return. Green Up Vermont diversifies its income pie chart by increasing individual giving from 1% to 27%.


Green Up Day will celebrate its 50th Anniversary!