Green Up Day: May 30, 2020 Get Involved Volunteer Coordinators

Summer's here!

Lupines in the sunshine

Today is the longest day of the year! Sunrise in Montpelier, VT comes at 5:06 and sunset at 8:37, giving us 6 hours and 40 minutes more sunlight than at the winter solstice in December. We’ve worked so hard to make Vermont a place that people want to come and visit. Over 22,000 volunteers came out on May 5 this clean up Vermont’s roadsides and public spaces. So many people from out of state tell us that Vermont has really clean roadsides in comparison to so many other states. What makes Vermont so unique, in that regard, is that all the other states have Adopt-A-Highway, rather than Green Up Day. In states that have Adopt-A-Highway, they focus on cleaning up the Highways and not the town roads. In Vermont, we are very fortunate that VTrans cleans up the State Highways and so that Green Up Day volunteers can focus on the over 13,000 miles of town roads.

Now that Green Up Day is over for this year, you can still help keep Vermont green and clean throughout the summer and fall. When you are out enjoying the outdoors walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, or fishing, be sure to pack out any trash that you create. If you see trash that others have left behind, and you are able to pack that out too, please do. Often when litterbugs see trash in one spot, they will add to that trash. So in addition to be unsightly, litter also attracts more litter. It negatively affects wildlife as well. Litter clogs up storm drains in urban areas. So please be a good human and help keep Vermont looking beautiful all year long by living the Green Up way every day. Happy Summer Solstice!