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Spreading the Composting Love

I recently received an inspiring email from a mother and daughter living in Pennsylvania. They found our composting blog post from earlier this summer to be really helpful. Here is the email that they sent us, along with some lovely photos from their garden:

My daughter and I wanted to give you some happy feedback on your site. We decided to give our garden the best treat we could, compost! 

Last summer, Laura and I totally revamped our garden and it is our little safe haven where we go to relax and talk about our day. We have sunflowers, cosmos, pansies, dahlias, and other ones I can't name by look, but they are beautiful. Laura was talking to her scout leader about our tipping sunflowers, and Laura started tying the sunflowers up to post so they don't tip, which I thought was a great idea. Her scout leader let me know Laura has been asking a lot of question about her garden, and Laura learned about composting. She wanted to start one for ourselves so we went online, and that's when we found your site! Thanks again!

I wanted to see what would be good for our compost so we started looking, and making our own. As another small token of our appreciation, we thought it would be nice to send along a helpful page that we came across: It was a jackpot for us. It teaches how the compost pile works, benefits for our flowers and waste amounts, to use and not, and gives some cute ideas for a pile/box. We even ordered some earthworms to be thrown in when it's settled. Laura asked if you could add it to your blog post? She thinks between the two pages, she could help other people trying to educate themselves in this field (Her scout leader said she'll give her extra points towards her next patch). We both believe every gardener should have a compost pile, and I think our flowers love it! Thanks again for all the help, it's greatly appreciated.

Happy Composting! (:
Laura and Michelle