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Recycled Art Show at Burlington Int'l Airport

Red and white art dress made from recycled materials

Thank you to the Burlington International Airport for showing this amazing exhibition. Thank you to the Vermont Chamber of Commerce for providing this press release and also helping to organize the exhibition. This ties in so perfectly with the spirit of Green Up Day, thank you for highlighting that connection!

Recycle Art - Vermont Students Install Art Show at Burlington International Airport

Students from eight schools across Vermont have installed an art show at the Burlington International Airport, on display until June 1. More than 70 pieces are made from litter students collected and repurposed into works of art.

The display is free and open to the public, on the second floor pre-security. Members of the community are invited to take in this diverse and colorful display of two- and three- dimensional artwork that includes animal sculptures, black ink paintings of endangered species, and a series of digital composite prints juxtaposing pristine and polluted natural landscapes.

One student form Montpelier High School constructed a large chicken from chicken wire, grocery bags, and cardboard tubes.

As Vermont’s 48th Green Up Day approaches on May 5, this installation provides an important reminder of the impact litter has on our environment. 

James Lockhart, the show’s organizer, teaches art at Hazen Union School in Hardwick. “We started working on this show last year. The airport staff was immediately supportive of our idea to display student artwork that raises awareness on environmental pollution in conjunction with Vermont Green Up Day.” 

The airport provides an ideal location for this show, because more than 1.4 million people pass through the building every year, and there is ample space for student work. “We were successful in engaging eight schools, nine teachers and their students to participate in creating art that raises the awareness for protecting the environment locally and globally. The problem of environmental pollution will eventually rest in the hands of the next generation,” Lockhart said.

Each piece demonstrates the students’ profound understanding of the materials themselves, and their impact when carelessly discarded.

Artist reception: April 28, noon - 3:00 p.m. at Burlington International Airport. 

Participating teachers and affiliate schools:

James Lockhart and Marc Salmin, Hazen Union School, Hardwick

Matt Neckers, Lamoille Union School, Morrisville

Dee Christie, B.F.A., Saint Albans

Angela Lannuzzi, Hyde Park Elementary School

Averill McDowell, Peoples Academy, Morrisville

Liz Swindell, Montpelier High School

Anderson Thorp, Hartford High School, White River Jct.

Carleen Zimbalatti, Stowe School District