Green Up Day: May 30, 2020 Get Involved Volunteer Coordinators

Meet Steve Aikenhead, Weathersfield Coordinator

Steve Aikenhead, Weatehrsfield town Green Up coordinator

Here, we introduce you to Steve Aikenhead (pictured above), the long-time Green Up town coordinator for Weathersfield. It's because of volunteers like Steve that Green Up day is a huge success, each and every year.

How long have you been a Green Up coordinator?  23 years

Why did you get involved? Being a neatnik at heart, I didn't want to live in Verdump.

What are some highlights as a volunteer? 1. Weathersfield won VPR's fund-drive contest, resulting in a slew of wonderful VPR people coming out to help us green up. We edged Addison for the gold in a come-from-behind victory and indulged in a lot of tasteless dancing in the end zone. Our apologies, Addison! 

2. Our afternoon flotilla survived gale force winds and large white-capped waves on the Connecticut River, as our canoes were forced to shore. 

3. My canoeing partner and I in astonishment went eye-to-eye with a huge beaver sliding down a slippery bank towards our canoe. He must have been saying, "Well, I ain't turning this bulk around, that's for sure!" Bloop!

How did you make Green Up a success in your community? Eleanor Ellis and I took notes as we drove around town, and then we handed out questionnaires at the dump and on Town Meeting Day. Then we made contact with volunteers and launched our Neighborhood Greenup Association. Since then, there is a once-a-year letter to our members, and no one is ever safe from being asked if they would like to join us. 

What does Green Up mean to you?  An on-going activity that keeps us beautiful. That's "on-going" until the snow flies.