Green Up Day: May 30, 2020 Get Involved Volunteer Coordinators

Meet Robin Rieske, Brattleboro Town Coordinator

Pile of full Green Up Day bags

It's because of Green Up Day's volunteer town coordinators that Green Up Day is a fun and successful effort, each and every year. Here, we introduce you to Robin Rieske, (pictured below, second from right), Green Up town co-coordinator for Brattleboro.

How long have you been a Green Up coordinator? 4-5 years in conjunction with Kris McDermot.

Why did you get involved? I have done Green Up Day for years and I was working with a neighborhood group in town that had a table for a few years, so I offered to help out and ended up doing it four more years! 

What are some highlights as a volunteer? COMMUNITY, COMMUNITY, COMMUNITY, we get everyone involved and we are also community service for youth in a local project, so we get to see the same families over and over again. We need to teach youth and others about the impact of throwing garbage outside and this is a great way for them to see how stuff accumulates in just a year. We always have coffee, donuts and Kris makes something home-made, its a fun time, even when its cold. We put up a little tent and everyone appreciates us being there.

How did you make Green Up a success in your community? We make our own little posters, Becky Anderson sets up a radio talk show every year. We have donuts and coffee and other beverages. I am also helping to organize an event in a neighboring town and we do a barbeque there. This year we got a pig roast donated by the Lions Club.  

What does Green Up mean to you? Again, its all about community, providing meaningful opportunity to meet others, and do something valuable for the community and the planet. I think it would be great to have GREEN UP WEEK, so that people who were not free on Saturday would still see they have a way to participate in this awesome event!