Green Up Day: May 30, 2020 Get Involved Volunteer Coordinators

Ripton coordinator Warren King celebrates 27th year

Governor Snelling addresses crowd on Green Up Day

Governor Snelling addresses crowd on Green Up Day

Name: Warren King 

Town Coordinator for: Ripton

How long have you been a Green Up coordinator? I’ve been Green Up coordinator for Ripton since 1990, my 27th year.

Why did you get involved? My wife and I moved to Ripton in December 1989. I offered to run Green Up the following May when it turned out the the town didn’t have a coordinator. The last 15 years or so I have been ably assisted by co-coordinator Steve Zwicky.

What are some highlights as a volunteer? It seemed like a good way to get to know townspeople and at the same time helping to carry out a great idea. One highlight as coordinator was a visit to our recycling drop off site, the town shed, by Governor Snelling (pictured above), one of several visits he made that Green Up Day. He pitched in, moving green up bags and other green up materials, and had several good conversations with local residents.  For the last decade or more two friends have brought their barbecue grill to the town shed and have grilled burgers and franks during the recycling drop off that coincides with Green Up Day. My wife brings coffee, tea and cookies. Recycling closes at noon, but the barbecue usually goes on an hour or more after closing. It's one of the best community gatherings in our town.

How did you make Green Up a success in your community? I make a brief presentation at the Ripton Elementary School each year and drop off a bag for each student. The teachers and students patrol the road between the school and the village store, nearly a mile, for green up material. Our private middle school covers a longer stretch of road that always needs attention. And the Forest Service often provides a truck or a trailer to help with the hauling from town to the transfer station in Middlebury. The townspeople pitch in by cleaning up the stretch of road in front of their houses. Several residents can be counted on to tackle longer stretches of road. All roads usually get attention.