Green Up Day: May 30, 2020 Get Involved Volunteer Coordinators

Green Up App!

Green Up Day dumpster full of trash

We are excited to announce that this year there is a Green Up Day App! Volunteers for Code for BTV, who donate their time to create apps for nonprofit organizations, chose Green Up Day as one of their volunteer app projects this year. The app focuses primarily on bringing people together, such as groups of friends or business employees who can coordinate their group clean ups. It also enables users to pin where they are dropping their full Green Up bags, and to see where bags have already been dropped, potentially creating less overlap on areas that have already been cleaned. John Need, a Code for BTV volunteer, says, “This is an amazing achievement for an all-volunteer project. This project team has donated hundreds of hours of coding, designing, marketing, and management skills to produce an awesome mobile app that everyone in Vermont can use.” To learn more about it what it does click here. To download the IPhone or Android versions visit The Code for BTV website.. For download instructions click here.