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Green Up Poster and Writing Contests

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2019 Poster Design Contest winners

Overall winner: Chloe Jenkins, Grade 8, Chester

K-4 Winner: Lyla LaBossiere, Grade 4, Westford, VT


5-8 Winner: Greta Bernier, Grade 8,


9-12 Winner: Heather Anne Lee, Grade 9, Shelburne,VT


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2019 Green Up Vermont Writing Contest winner:

Bella Schultz-Mitchell, Grade 6, Bakersfield, VT

Green Up Day

Vermont, what a beautiful name for something you want to keep clean and brilliant
We are so proud of our people, Vermont's People, we are so diligent
The signs around our state that make us aware of the first Saturday in May
We clean our state with the way we know
With the green bags that we pick up from our local town hall
The love that we have for our state calls out our tall confidence for our beautiful state
We breath in the clean air and ignore the chemical hate
In twenty twenty it will b the fiftieth birthday for Green Up Day
Fifty years of care and love to our state while keeping it clean and healthy
Our nonprofit group
Vermont Green Up Day
Our people make up that group with kind compassion
With our passion of keeping our home clean and loving
The state we love is nine thousand miles long
We have cleaned thirteen thousand miles with our group that take their lives to love our state
and care for it
The first on the rank for the best place to live in the USA
Our pristine environment, bring our people around
Green Up Day
That's what it's all about
Learning from people
All around


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